Best, Dr. K

Today, December 28th, 2016 we went to Timo’s post-op cardiology appointment, and the doctor that we had been seeing since before Timo was born, since I was 21 weeks pregnant, did not tell me to schedule another appointment.  Dare I say, I think this was our last appointment.  We had seen this doctor at least … Continue reading

A Heart Full of Joy

We are home.  Now we just do seemingly mundane things with tons of joy. Family cuddle time. Folding and “delivering” laundry. Watching the fall leaves fall and the sun light up Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges on our way to church.  Today I kept asking him if he was in pain and he kept saying, “nope,” in … Continue reading

Good Morning!

The Lord conquered sin and death! We have had the awesome privilege of experiencing a bit of that conquering power by recovering from heart surgery!!

Full Heart

It is incredibly humbling to sit down in the family lounge of the cardiac floor of the hospital and be surrounded by friends, loved ones and delicous homemade food… on Thanksgiving night. One spent days prepping and cooking all the food. One forfeited Thanksgiving dinner with his family for lunch to be able to come. … Continue reading

Recovery is Rough

The Doctor was able to successfully repair the SVC but felt the pulmonary vein was too small to correct. Reconnecting the pulmonary vein would have been higher risk so we are thankful that Timo’s heart didn’t need to go through that too.  We are managing Timo’s pain and he started out having a lot of … Continue reading


The nurse just told us that Dr. Bacha says the surgery went smoothly. They are bringing him to PICU and we will be able to see him soon. More updates to come… Before surgery the sun was rising in our pre-op prep room. What a gift – like a warm embrace to say, “I’m with … Continue reading

Unstoppable Force

We are going to pick this back up again. This blog. This journey.  We’ve had a few run-ins with medical complications in the last few years but every time I’m about to turn to these pages to share I’ve felt strange about it. Like the story is supposed to be over and everything after his … Continue reading

10 pm I had just put Timo down to bed. I was trying to decompress for the night. Peter had said he would be home by 12 midnight but I was so tired I didnt clean up the salmon and veggies teriyaki sauce that Timo and I made together and found myself falling asleep on … Continue reading

The Power of Remembering

There are no words.  There are no words to describe the immense power of remembering how good God was. I just finished watching the video Allison made for Timo’s first birthday, “The Life of Superhero T.”  It was all so incredible.  The same little boy that I see in front of me today had come … Continue reading